Are my bookmarks safe and backed up? or can I loose my data?

The most robust feature of TabsFolders is our redundancy and backup of your data:

1)Your data is backed up to our servers as soon as you create an account and validate your email address. 
2)A Second level of protection is available with 3 codes which offers "Time Machine" backup up to 7 days back. See the description above "Stack 2 add. Codes (3 in total): 7 Days "TimeMachine" Backup".  This is useful for example if you delete / rename / move some bookmarks today, but then in 5 days you realize "I did not want to do this!".  Just send us a support request and we will restore your bookmark collection to what it was 5 days ago.
3)The third level of protection "for all the do it yourselfers" (on all paid plans); is the option to right click the Bookmarks folder in the TabsFolders window and click the "Export" menu item.

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