Safari newest version Install while awaiting approval from Apple

The Apple Safari extension approval process now takes approximately two months.  

We are therefore offering a solution for users to upgrade manually from our server to the latest version.

To install the latest version of TabsFolders on Safari please follow these steps:

  1. Remove the currently installed TabsFolders from Safari by:
    1. Opening Preferences:
    2. Click 1. Extensions, 2. TabsFolders, 3. Uninstall:
    3. Exit preferences by closing the preferences window.
  2. Download the latest version of Safari TabsFolders from here: Download TabsFolders for Safari
  3. Click the downloads button (1), then double click on the downloaded file (2):
  4. Click the "Trust" button in the dialog:
  5. Open TabsFolders by clicking the TabsFolders Icon and login with email or facebook:
  6. Open the Quick Start Guide by clicking here: Quick Start

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