Auto SNOOZE tabs to reduce MEMORY usage and SPEED up your computer.

How to setup Auto Snoozing of Tabs with TabsFolders to speed up your computer.

1)Click the TabsFolders Menu in your browser and click the Options menu item.

2)Scroll down to "Tabs auto-snooze" options and:

a)click the dropdown beside the "Automatically snooze tabs after" text.

b)Select the amount of time after which to automatically snooze tabs.

c)Optionally select the other options to suit your needs.  

The whitelist is a list of URLs (eg. Tabs with these URLs will not be snoozed.

d)To avoid snoozing certain sites (eg. just add them to the Whitelist box as per the image below:

3)Alternatively to Snooze specific windows or all open windows and tabs.  

a)In the TabsFolders extension; right click the "Open windows and tabs" folder or a subfolder within the Open windows.

b)Click the "Snooze" menu item.

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