TabsFolders Roadmap, White Label and Agency Reseller

TabsFolders 1.4 with CNAME and SMTP sharing was release Q4 2021 / Q1 2022.

TabsFolders 1.4 doesn't have guests or Teammates they will be added in TabsFolders 2.0.

TabsFolders 2.0 is planned for April of 2022 and will include a revamped UI with Tags, Notes, Team Folder Sharing and Workspaces.

In TabsFolders 2.0 each user can install TabsFolders on 10 devices (a device = a browser (so Brave, Chrome, Opera on 1 computer = 3 devices; Brave on 3 different computers = 3 devices).  
Guests can only read and add folders to their collection but cannot edit the Folders, Tags or Notes.

Teammates can add folders from different team members and will be able to Add, Edit, Delete bookmarks, tags, notes

The code stacking table for TabsFolders 2.0 onwards is here: TabsFolders Stacking Table

Here is a preview of the TabsFolders 2.0 design:

TabsFolders 2.5 is planned for June/July 2022 and will include White Label features and Password Management.

The White Label version of TabsFolders will be the same as TabsFolders 2.0 except every place the TabsFolders logo appears it will be replaced by your company logo.

A basic password management system will also be added to TabsFolders to help manage bookmarks and passwords together.

TabsFolders 3.0 - is the Agency version of TabsFolders and is planned for the end of 2022.

This is the Agency TabsFolders 3.0 (Branded customer login portal; Subscription management / Reseller) and it is planned for the last part of 2022.  
There will be an admin interface to manage the users that purchased TabsFolders under your umbrella. 
Your end users will experience the same functionality as regular TabsFolders users, but they will see your company branding on the interface, your firm will provide support to these users and will be able to manage these users through an admin interface (to add, edit, delete users).

Pricing and more details mid-2022.

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