Send sharing emails from your email address with SMTP

Setup SMTP to send sharing emails from your own email address.

How to send TabsFolders shared bookmarks emails from your own email address and server:

1)Open the TabsFolders options page.

2)Find the "Sharing CNAME list:" title in the Options page

3)Type your CNAME domain and click the Plus sign.

4)Create a CNAME record at your DNS provider with the CNAME from the above step, pointing to

For more information about creating a CNAME record at your DNS provider; contact your DNS provider.

5)Next go back to the TabsFolders Options page and click the Letter icon in the CNAME box.

6)Next fill in the SMTP server and email parameters and click the checkmark button to accept the configuration.  TabsFolders will perform a test connection to the server to confirm the setup is correct.

**** NOTE ***  

If you receive an error message "Could not connect to the SMTP server".

Some email servers require you to enable less secure app access for the TabsFolders server to connect.

For these services like Gmail please turn on "Allow less secure app access" as per the screen shot below:

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