Sharing Bookmarks with teams and audiences

SHARE your bookmarks with your team members or publicly on / your own domain with CNAME Sharing.

To share a bookmark folder and it's sub folders with your friends and colleagues.

  1. Right click on the folder you would like to share and click the "Share" menu item.
  2. To share the folder with team members enter their email into the text field and click the send button.  If you don't have a team setup yet, go the the "My team" item in the left menu bar.

  3. Enter the team member's email into the "Add people" box and click the "Send" button.

  4. To share a folder publicly, click the "Create link" button.

  5. If you have CNAME sharing enabled then select which domain you would like to share with.
  6. Copy the URL form the box.
  7. Click the "Done" button and share the link by email or on social channels.

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