Automatically Save and Backup Your Browser Session

Auto save your whole SESSION and keep session HISTORY backups for each device.

How to use the Session History feature

TabsFolders automatically saves your browser's open tabs to the Session history folder. 

The sessions from each device are saved with a unique id identifying the device and a date + time.

The Session history folder is synchronized to each device so you can open a session anywhere you have the TabsFolders extension installed.

For example if you have TabsFolders installed on your desktop computer and your laptop; you will be able to access your desktop browsing sessions when you are using your laptop.

To setup Session History saving and synchronization:

1)Click the TabsFolders menu icon and click View bookmarks:

Open the TabsFolders options page.

2)Scroll down to Session History options and click "Enabled" under the "Session history auto-save:" title. Then configure the Session History options to your needs.

3)You can also save all of your browser's open tabs to TabsFolders at any time by clicking the TabsFolders browser icon and selecting "Session".

4)To restore a Session history folder in your browser, just right click the folder and click "Open all folders".

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