Quick Start

Thank you for downloading TabsFolders!

Check out our video livestreams here which show the most recent updates to tabsFolders and how to use them.

  1. Click here to see how to Install TabsFolders.
  2. Access the TabsFolders menu by clicking the TabsFolders icon in your browser.
  3. This brings up the tabsFolders quick save menu.

  4. On the quick save menu select "View bookmarks" to enter the full tabsFolders interface and manage your bookmarks.

    This is the MAIN interface to tabsFolders. 
    On this screen you can manage your open windows and tabs and bookmarks just like you manage files in Microsoft Explorer or MacOS finder:

    -Drag and drop with your mouse or use keyboard shortcuts (CTRL C, CTRL V) to copy open windows and tabs from the Open windows and tabs folder to your bookmarks folder.
    -Move open tabs between open windows in the "Open windows and tabs folder".
    -Double click on a folder in bookmarks to open the folder of bookmarks as a new windows in your browser.
    -Double click on a bookmark to open it in your browser.
    -Right click on a bookmark or folder to open a menu on each item with various options for that

  5. To access the left menu bar hover your mouse of the left side of the tabsFolders screen. 
    On this menu you can customize tabsFolders Options, import bookmarks, log out of tabsFolder, see the plan you purchased, etc.

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